Quick exercise routine for the busy creative

Quick Exercise Routine for the Busy Creative


Disclaimer: I’m not a fitness expert, so I’m not responsible for any potential injuries that may occur.

We’re all given 24 hours each day, and sometimes it can be a struggle to make the most of those hours. Creating a consistent exercise routine is one of the best ways to get your body in shape. However, finding your routine can be a struggle. Case in point, I gained about 10 lbs last holiday season and struggled to lose the weight when the new year started. To help lose the weight, my wife and I started experimenting with different routines until we found the one that worked best for us. Now that I’m confident in the routine I wanted to share it with everyone else.


The busy creative exercise routine

Time = 15-20 minutes

Warm Up

(do every day)

  • 50 Jumping Jacks (to get the blood flowing)
  • Stretches

Even Days

(focuses on upper body)
3 sets of the following. The quantity is for you to decide.

  • Sit Ups
  • Push Ups
  • Bicep Curls
  • Two Arm Tricep Extension
  • Lateral Raise

Odd Days

(focuses on lower body)
3 sets of the following. The quantity is for you to decide.

  • Sit Ups
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Standing Heel & Toe Raises


  • Make sure you know how to do the various exercises correctly before performing them. Doing exercises incorrectly could lead to injury
  • This routine does not include any cardio so make sure you’re still getting your cardio by walking, running, riding a bike, etc.